Is it safe to regularly add lemon juice, real lemons, or lemon concentrate to water?

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No downside really. Makes the water a bit more acidic which isn’t super for teeth coatings or ulcers, but not significant enough to to worry about. Enjoy it. I add some fresh mint from the garden…tastes great.


The acidity can damage the enamel on your teeth over time if you drink it straight from the bottle/glass. I’d highly recommend using a straw if you aren’t using one already.


I used to do this too, but started to get some issues with the enamel on my front teeth. I switched to just putting a few slices of lemon in my water instead. It doesn’t taste as lemony, but I also haven’t had any tooth issues since then.


it isn’t awesome for your teeth. source: dentist in my family i would recommend drinking it with a straw, to bypass a lot of the tooth enamel. and maybe brush your teeth quickly at lunch in addition to morning/night.


Doing something similar- without thinking- completely wrecked my teeth. Woke up with excruciating jaw pain, couldn’t bite down, nothing relieved it. Still have issues and that was months ago.