Is wall street playing game with amateur traders ? Part II

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Well, WS has been f***ing people for almost a century. The government can’t do anything about it. Finance is the absolute winner in the game of power. It’s time for people to take action and teach them a lesson. LONG LIVE ROBINHOOD NATION! Jokes aside, I think in the next two-three months, most of the money that the government distributed to people will go to the finance guys’ pocket.


This bag of bones should be investing in coffins.


We are fucking with his ego. He is not happy


Hard to teach a old dog new tricks🙄 KEEP TRADING FELLAS💸


I think the recent popularity of these discussions about amateur traders is just laying the groundwork to justify regulations that will be costly for retail investors. Joe Smith lost the family jewels, so we need laws to protect us or some crap. Maybe we should act more like a community so we can be prepared to defend ourselves from this kind of thing.