It really bugs me when Christians say “Jesus is the only way!” What they really mean is “you are going to burn and be tortured in hell forever if you don’t accept what I believe.” They just know that “Jesus is the only way” sounds nicer. Fuck all of that. It’s nothing but fear based manipulation.

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There’s an image I saw once that had a picture of Jesus knocking on a door. It was captioned: “It’s me, Jesus, let me in, I’m here to save you.” “Save me from what?” “From what I’ll do to you if you don’t let me in.” The whole thing is just a way of working around that the Christian god is either evil or incompetent. If a person demanded something unreasonable or else they’ll torture you, everyone would agree, they’re pretty terrible. But Christianity revolves around holding a supposedly perfect god to a far lower standard than we would hold some random person, and trying to make excuses for that.


If they were born in Pakistan they would be saying Allah is the only way through the teachings of Muhammad. If they were born to Jewish parents in New York they would be saying the Torah is the only way. Richard Dawkin’s has a great quote along the lines of ‘It’s amazing that God has different truths depending on where you are born.’


“No one loves you like I do and if you don’t love me back I’ll fucking set you on fire forever bitch” -bible


You know what the technical term is for somebody who uses intimidation and threats to spread fear for the purpose of manipulating people? **Terrorist** By technicality, all Christians are terrorists. Christianity is a terrorist ideology, and none of its adherents have any place in civilized society at all.


The only hell that actually exists is the mindset of those believers