It’s possible that you’re that person who log off 13 years ago and never played that game again and you left the person you played with wondering what happened to you.

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Yes. I changed my username and accidentally removed one of my closest BO friends when I was clearing out my friends list. Never found him again. I miss you, hohoboy.


Had a friend of mine disappear for like 7 years never what happened went to his profile years later and found someone who knew his name found out he had major health issues and passed away i never knew he was like my gaming little brother


To all my old world of Warcraft friends. Wife made me stop playing.


If you played runescape from 2004-2008 and your screen name was Xraygirl95 please pm me I miss you


My bud H1l0, we were top contenders in Halo 3 duos. He, a no scope god…..and me his shotty/rocket bodyguard. Miss ya bud.