Jobless claims total 1.5 million, worse than expected as economic pain persists

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This is depressing. We’re heading for a big crash and no one in society realizes it. Hell even my parents are out of touch. “u/The_Pr0phet_Speaks, if you’re having trouble getting an office job maybe this would be a good time to consider grad school?” Mom, Dad. The market just got shot in the face there is nothing I can do lol On one hand I’m scared that I’m going to live through this. On the other, this might be the absolute bitchslap to the face the nation and the public needed to realize that the post ww2 way of doing things needs to end.


Under the CARES Act, the US Treasury has borrowed $3.3T in funds…So far, $267B has gone out in $1,200 ‘economic impact payments’ and $288B in (at most) in enhanced UE benefits. Where did the remainder of the $2.75 trillion go?


Considering the underreporting of prior unemployment figures, have to assume the real figures are actually worse.


With the stock market so good, this is highly illogical. Could those unemploymed just be crisis actors?


We’ve been heading into some real economic problems for 50 years…now the FED reserve is buying bonds…🤦‍♂️ it’s probably going to get alot worse…