Judge Calls Amazon’s Efforts to Keep Worker Injury Data Secret ‘Disturbing’

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Could the same judge also please call it ‘illegal’?


I thought OSHA had some sort of authority over these sorts of information.


Oh, I can explain that. You see, this is simply due to the fact that Amazon doesn’t give a shit about their workers. It’s not a mystery once you understand.


So I read the article and cited sources and found this. * Amazon submits all information as required to OSHA, any inspection and enforcement body, the involved personnel, and the relevant information is posted at fulfillment sites for 3 months. * The suit is against the Department of Labor (Specifically OSHA) for not releasing the information that Amazon has disclosed to them. The argument in the suit is that the reports were to be public information. The plaintiff wants all of the information of all reports to be public, while the original use of the reports was for professionals in the workplace to analyze the data and develop safer practices and trends. So, should all of the data of every accident be publicly available? Should personally identifiable information be withheld?


Their arguement of using the food stamp case doesn’t hold any water. In the food stamp case, a supermarket who accepted more food stamps would be less appealing to the consumer, therefore they would be punished by releasing the information by doing a good thing (punishing a positive outcome). To note, I don’t believe that the law specifically states that companies share this specific information. As for Amazon, their arguement is that they would see increased insurance premiums if their workplace accident records were released. Therefore they would be punished for the bad stuff they do. This is the whole point of this oversight. To note, they highlight that the law specifically mandates that this information is released to specific people. The information may be commercially harmful but that does not make it commercially sensitive.