Justice Department will reportedly propose limits to online platforms’ legal protections | It comes in the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order targeting social media sites.

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Of course they are, because it’s a personal vendetta for Trump. That makes it the Justice Dept’s top priority.


While I know that *everyone* here read the article and didn’t just come in here equipped with the title of the post alone, I just wanted to call out a specific piece to re-emphasize: > The Justice Department’s proposed legislative changes, ***which would need to be adopted by Congress***, would strip tech firms of civil immunity in a range of circumstances, according to the Journal. It would reportedly remove legal protections when, for example, platforms facilitate things like online scams or drug trafficking, as well as instances involving online child exploitation, terrorism or cyberstalking. The Justice Department is just drafting proposed language for a potential amendment to existing law. It is not unilaterally re-writing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.


Ok but are the section 230 provisions explicitly left up to executive discretion? The president/executive can’t just unilaterally change a law.


And suddenly the free speech crowd is silent. (Or suddenly flipped their arguments like good little show dogs)


Translation: Twitter shouldn’t have hurt the feelings of the commander and chief. EDIT: They can call this the DMWT Act. (Don’t Mess With Trump)