Lady in Iran beheaded by her husband which is justified by law. She was forcefully married at 17 with her abusive cousin

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The typical debate will be had in this case in some forums. Some will state that this action is not justified by the Qur’an or the Hadith. Others will claim that there was a misinterpretation or that the perpetrators are not “proper” Muslims. All of that is completely irrelevant – if a text that is unsupported by evidence, runs counter to reality in some areas is used as justification for law or conduct whilst being considered beyond criticism or review then that is the problem. This applies to all religious texts used to justify such reprehensible conduct. There are other, non-religious texts that have been cited as justification for hateful conduct however the organisations promoting those are rarely afforded preferential tax treatment and implicit protection from criticism by society across the world.


Her own parents forced her to marry her abusive cousin and then participated in the beheading. I hope when humans finally leave Earth they screen for religion. Religion should stay and die on Earth, not persist into the cosmos.


Beheaded by her husband with the help of her parents. WTF


Nothing can be done about this except wearing them down with education. Education is the great religion killer.


RIP Fuck that shit. Fuck Islam