Landlord is taking $150 out of security deposit for “smoke detector installation”. Is this normal?

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Definitely not normal to charge for the smoke detectors


If it’s not in the lease they can’t make you pay for it. A smoke detector has to be replaced every 10 years and they have a built in testing feature. They are also only about $15 each. This guy is 100% scamming you, but your question would be better on /r/legaladvice


Safety equipment should be updated/upgraded/installed and paid for by the landlord.


CA has great tenant protections so you may have that on your side. I don’t believe that is a fair or normal practice for the smoke detectors unless you were responsible for the replacement being needed. Also if the shelf in the garage was pre-existing before you signed the lease, why should you pay for its removal?


Given that you are in CA, this is illegal. Installation of smoke detectors is 100% the responsibility of the landlord. Kindly remind him of that fact.