Lost 2170$ to Chase Bank glitch, they won’t refund it

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They are legally obligated to investigate the claim. Look up Reg E related to ATM errors. They have ten days to investigate and after 10 days must legally provide you with $2100 provisional credit unless they determine mo error occurred. They could be fined if they aren’t compliant with reg e. Edit: the machine should be out of balance $2100, which is how they determine whether an error occurred.


File a missing deposit dispute. May take a week to get credit but it should reconcile when they balance the ATM.


This is the paranoid reason I only deposit large bills and checks in branch.


Something similar happened to me couple years ago the day before I was traveling. I deposited 2000 the machine took the money. No receipt. I called immediately to chase. Told them what happened and when they check the money in the morning next day they fixed my account. They have to check the amounts in the morning did you called the number in the atm? I remember I called that and also contacted chase help line. Good luck


Did this JUST happen? Wondering because currently their website and app are down.