Low-cost solar-to-hydrogen cell achieves breakthrough 17.6% efficiency. It’s a photoelectrochemical (PEC) solar-to-hydrogen (STH) cell – a cell that takes in solar energy and water, and directly outputs hydrogen instead of powering an external electrolysis system.

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News tomorrow: ANU professor found dead with all research mysteriously gone.


Today’s pv cells have 20% efficiency. Assuming optimal 80% efficiency for electrolysis, this means 16% overall efficiency. So that is quite an achievement, if it’s really low cost. (The image shows Platinum, so I’m skeptical on that)


> … silicon/titanium/**platinum** photoelectrode Platinum scarcity is why fuel cells haven’t taken off.


This technology is advancing pretty fast… maybe it can save us from extinction.


Do you think existing pipeline infrastructure can be converted to hydrogen without too much cost, in other words it would be worth it? I am thinking after oil and gas, pipelines like Enbridge, will still have a market to transport fluids.