LPT: Become knowledgeable in Excel/Google Sheets. Spreadsheets make life 100x easier

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There are SO MANY free excel tutorials online. I can’t tell you how many old people I’ve impressed with my knowledge of how to sort and filter.


It always starts with a basic sheet. Then you add basic formulas. Then you decide fuck it, time to spend 5-10 hours to script this 2 minute job so I never have to spend 2 minutes again. Still worth it.


It’s even better when used on a cloud service and can be worked on by multiple people with change history and comments.


Excel in invaluable for my fantasy football leagues. You can save any excel spreadsheet (or more likely the selected area of a spreadsheet) as a web page, right-click and get the code, and then paste the code in and it will look like it does on your spreadsheet. You can also use the borders to make brackets – any color you want.