LPT: Birds can give you a lot of useful information just by listening to them.

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This is legit one of the most interesting LPTs I’ve come across. I’m so fascinated by this now and I’m going to try to see what else I can learn about it. If anyone has other cool things to add (about birds or any other animals/plants/whatever), please feel free to add more. Thanks! Edit: I write a quick throwaway comment, promptly fall asleep, then wake up a few hours later and it has exploded! Lots of reading to do now! You guys rock.


The snake tip is legit. They go bananas when there is a snake around.


I think that I have a connection with the local Robins. If I come across any grubs while digging, I set them on the sidewalk so they can eat them and it has formed a bond. Anytime I am doing any garden or landscape work they will come over and mill around to see if they might get any treats. They have yet to give me any useful information but I’m hoping one day when someone asks me how I know something and I reply-A little birdie told me. It will be the truth.


Adding a few more to OP’s list. Birds will swarm the ground before and after short rains. If you fish, they’re after earthworms, good bait. Crows are fucking smart birds. Don’t piss them off, give them some treats and they will pass it on to others that you’re cool, and you’ll have a whole murder of friends. Birds suddenly going silent means there’s a predator nearby. For city slickers like myself, this means something like a cat or fox, or maybe a hawk. For you country types, you may want to watch out for bigger problems, like bobcats or cougars.