LPT: Don’t feel ashamed to take actions against your own mistakes/shortcomings. For example, if you clean after a messy episode, celebrate the fact that you are cleaning again, and don’t feel ashamed that you needed to clean in the first place.

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is this about pooping your pants


**Dear anyone ADHD whose heart sank when they read this:** Be proud of yourself for the effort you’re putting in right now. No need to beat yourself up about it. You’re a work in progress and it will always feel like a tremendous effort but you’ll get there.


Thanks for the tip. Hopefully I can start doing that soon


Dude yes. It’s such a unique and liberating experience to be able to admit in the middle of a conversation or debate that you’ve just realized you’d been wrong. That’s the purpose of conversation. It’s an exchange of information. So many people consciously or unconsciously approach conversation like it’s a competition, and to admit to being wrong feels like losing. It doesn’t have to. It can feel like leveling up.