LPT Don’t underestimate the importance of fun. Enjoyment might seem trivial compared to things like diet and exercise but it has a huge impact on your mental health

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Started exercising because of quarantine and really bored at home. For so many years, i have been on the endless cycle of working out, pushing myself at the beginning, getting unmotivated, then stopping. But now i think I’ve found my groove. Starting slow and easy really is the key. Now whenever i don’t exercise in a day (rest day or unproductive day) i feel like i committed such a great sin to myself.


“Life goes by pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, and do whatever you want all the time, you could miss it.” -Eric Cartman


Absolutely true. I have always hated cardio. Fuck running, man. It hurts, it makes me all sweaty and gross and I feel like I’m going to pass out afterwards. And I don’t have as easy access to a pool or a place to swim as I do ground to run on, so that just wasn’t as feasible, for someone who likes to do things like this on a whim, especially during quarantine. It wasn’t until I discovered inline skating that I found a way to do cardio that I enjoyed. Now every few days I’ll do 10-15 miles just on skates, burn something like 2000 calories and have my heartrate elevated for 2+ hoursr at a time, and I’m having an awesome time doing it, sometimes with a couple friends who also skate. Exercise can be fun, just find an exercise that is fun for you. For me skating is fun because I don’t see it as exercise, I see it as a hobby by itself that happens to do all the things cardio does.


I started to connect everything with fun. Dont shame myself for anything and setting the goals so low e.g. dressing up for sport is my daily goal. Not the workout. Result was that I worked out more over a longer period of time. And I did that with alot of stuff I do everyday. Boosted me really!