LPT: If a friend keeps making comments that actually offend you, don’t smile. Laughing it off in front of them because you don’t wanna make the mood awkward only encourages the person to keep making similar comments. Just a simple stare with a straight face can usually make the person stop

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Or here is a crazy thought. Talk to them. Being passive aggressive never solves anything.


I’ve got a friend whos lately been an arrogant piece of shit since he got back from college.. I usually laugh it off even though I hate when he points out literally any embarrassing thing about me around other people just to get a laugh out of someone. Best part is, no one notices a stare with a straight face when drunk.. It’s gotten to the point where I dont even want to hang out with him when others are with, and he’s the type of guy that, when confronted on this, will just claim to be “teasing” and tell me to not be so sensitive. Feel free to give advice apart from telling me to cut him out bc he’s been my friend for a good 7 years and I do believe this is just a phase..


Definitely be vocal on things that cause you discomfort or offend you. If they are your friend they would appreciate explicit conversation over passive behaviour. A stare will do nothing to communicate your feelings, your expectations, why you are offended, or any of the numerous things that should be communicated in this situation.


Stare at them blankly, either take your dick out to assert dominance or grab theirs