LPT: If somebody is criticizing you, you can respond with the phrase “I’m still learning.” This could significantly cut down on their lecture because most people don’t want to perceive themselves as mean or overly critical.

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The best teachers are still students. Anyone claiming to be an authority on the subject probably isn’t.


This is only useable for situations where it would be reasonably acceptable for you to still be learning. Like if you’re in a senior management position this wouldn’t work very well. Also, all criticism doesn’t need a defense. Sometimes criticism is completely legitimate and is something we can learn from. Even if it is sometimes harsh.


I’m a doctor. I will tell that to my patients as they’re criticizing me for killing them.


As long as you actually *are* still learning. If your boss is reaming you out for fucking up after having held your position for 5 years, “I’m still learning” might make it worse.