LPT: If someone you know dies, don’t post anything on social media until the family have had time to do it first.

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Something that should be common sense but sadly isn’t. People just do it for the attention.


This is true with most important new, even the happy things like an engagement or pregnancy it can cause serious drama.


And maybe wait a while to pm people in the family with condolences. I was at a festival in another country and my parents chose to wait to tell me about my uncle who died. I was back the next day anyway and wouldn’t have been able to come home before that. Got a pm from my neighbour as soon as she found out leaving me panicked and crying in a strange country without my family. I know she probably meant well, but it would have been nicer to find out at home with my family instead.


Even if you’re family, don’t post until all the family know. I recently found out my grandfather died because of a post on Facebook. No one in my family bothered to tell me.