LPT: if you find a small kitten and you think it’s abandoned, don’t pick it up and take it home immediately.

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But she was on my front porch and it was snowing and cold and she was all alone. Granted, she was about 8 to 10 weeks old according to vet, and now she’s 15 and snoring in ~~my~~ her recliner.


We used to foster kittens and one of the mom cats started moving her kittens from the isolated room into my closet (smh). Well naturally I picked up the ones she had moved to take them back to their room. Meanwhile momma is getting another kitten. When she got to the closet she lost it because her kittens weren’t there anymore. We ended up having to bring the kittens back to the closet to convince her that they were still around.


Yeah, I’ve ended up fostering several litters of kittens that people have “rescued” and I’m sure their moms were frantic. Healthy fat little kittens and people think they are abandoned because their moms aren’t right by them all the time. Mom cat is producing lots of milk and she needs lots of calories to do it. A lactating cat is doing a lot more hunting than usual and she can’t do it unless she leaves her babies somewhere hopefully safe. Don’t steal her babies, especially when you can’t raise them yourself! Edit: I somehow managed to type liters instead of litters. Lol.


Oh god, I made this fatal mistake once. I picked a scared looking kitten off the street thinking it was one of mine (to be fair they were practically identical, and didn’t realise until my momma cat started attacking it. When I brought it back to where I found it it’s real mom could smell the other cat on it and essentially abandoned it