LPT: if you want to buy a trampoline for your kids, get one with netting around it. Please.

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I had a trampoline without a net growing up and me and my friends only got seriously injured like 5 or 6 times tops.


My friend broke his neck falling off a trampoline when he was 16 which left him in a wheelchair. That was 24 years ago. Please take this advice.


My parents dug ours into the ground so it was only 3 inches off the ground. This was in the 80s when nets weren’t a thing.


The netting can cause a massive strangulation hazard for anyone over 20 lbs… That netting cannot withstand any type of weight with force for the average child older than 10. Like with any activity there are risk, you just have to be as safe as you can, but the netting is a bad idea for anyone who has older children or adults that use the trampoline.