LPT: If you’re struggling with anxiety/depression, then “one weird trick” isn’t going to help. No sixty second cleaning habit is going to overcome trauma, isolation or mental illness ALONE.

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I don’t think anyone is suggesting that cleaning will cure or “fix” you. But I know that before i went to therapy, my surroundings both mirrored and perpetuated my mental state. So if I let myself stay in bed all day and didn’t shower or clean for a while, my thoughts began to spiral into the “you’re so useless, you can’t even minimally function, so how do you expect to ____ (get better, deserve a good job, be liked by others, have someone love you etc.)” realm, and that’s not a fun place to be in. But if I managed to do something useful, like clean for 10 minutes on a bad day, it gave me hope. I use it as a lifeline, as a sign that things could and would get better. Of course I still needed the therapy, but if i can find a tip to do something to make myself feel better (or at least stop me from feeling worse) why wouldn’t I take it?


I agree 100%. If there was one simple cure to fix the problem, the problem wouldn’t exist.


Totally true. However an actual LPT if you deal with anxiety-induced panic attacks (or any) is to keep bottles of water in your fridge, nice and cold. When you start panicking, take that bitch out and absolutely chug it. Forces your body to concentrate on something else for a moment. It’s called a reset. *Spicy feelings < icy feelings*


Relax just open a bottle of wine that will help /irony