LPT: keep in touch with friends who are struggling by sending them ‘this made me think of you’ messages

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I don’t do a very good job letting people know when I’m having a hard time so send this to ANY friend! It would mean the world to me if someone sent me a cute meme or something bc they thought of me.


Also, if someone is in a state where you would typically tell them “let me know if you ever need anything”, you should instead ask them what day/time works to help them with X. Example- my one friend lost his dad, and I asked him whether I could come over the next day and watch his kids so he could get done whatever he needed to. He happily agreed, but I know for a fact if I had just said “let me know if you ever need help” that he would never have reached out for fear of inconveniencing me. Another friend (who’s shy) had her birthday coming up, and I said “let’s get drinks tomorrow for your bday!” She was excited because she didn’t have plans. If I had told her to let me know when she wanted to get together, she wouldn’t have reached out. Just like many things in life, most people want help (or acknowledgment) but are too afraid to ask for it


But don’t send them shitty things that made you think of them 😂


I swear these kind of messages can make my whole week