LPT: Label your electronics before you go through an airport.

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Pro-Tip: Make a small label with a barcode or qr-code that holds that information. Looks like it’s from the manufacturer, can’t be read without phone and therefor won’t be pulled off immediately by a thief. You can also use a part of your e.g. ID/bank/creditcard/etc number to keep it low profile, as long as you can show it’s yours. “*Officer, all my belongings have a barcode with my 8-digit date of birth on it.*”


LPT: bring some labels with your name to the airport. Stick them in some kid’s iPad, Switch, etc… And claim they’re yours… After all, they have a sticker with your name on it.


I’d just tell them to piss off, I can throw a way bigger fit than a toddler that’s for sure.


Some Android phones have an option to add a string of text to the lock screen containing your name or contact info. Either that or use your medical emergency info (set that up if you haven’t already, you never know when you might need it).