LPT: Thinking about travelling somewhere and booking a hotel? These tips might help you out before and during your stay!

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These are good but I do use a 3rd party and the only time I’ve had an issue is once where I didn’t get the room I booked, but it didn’t end up mattering much. I complained to hotels.com and got a $100 credit so in the end it worked out fine for me. Another story I’ll throw in, one time I checked in to a hotel at night and they upgraded my room just because at that point they knew another, nicer room wasn’t going to be used that night. So if you check in later there’s a higher chance you can be upgraded.


Some quality tips there for those that are prepared to read


LPT: Don’t refer to non-franchised, privately owned business in derogatory terms such as “rinky dink”. LPT: If there’s an option to give your money to a small inn or privately owned bed and breakfast over a national chain, please do. Small businesses need your money more and will work harder to make you happy. The only reason to give Paris Hilton your money is to pay her to go away.


Great tips, one question about your credit card point – there exists temporary gift Visa cards (e.g. Vanilla) that can be loaded with value. Do hotels take those?