LPT: When applying for jobs, disregard the “X+ years of experience required”.

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I think the general rule should be to apply, but accept that you’re likely to get rejected. There’s no harm in that except that you have to deal with the rejection, which is itself a good skill to have.


> But this doesn’t apply to ME and my niche industry!!!! It’s impossible to give any generic advice on reddit without people in the comments acting like we live in a world of absolutes and where the OP was addressing them directly.


Not complaining, but just as an FYI: From my experience, organizations that are particularly bureaucratic tend to sort out applications before giving them true consideration, and one of the ways they do this is by getting rid of all the apps that don’t meet the minimum experience requirement.


As someone who hires for Healthcare the number of years experience I list is almost always required. But if you are close id still apply. It couldn’t hurt and sometimes the situation OP details is accurate