LPT: You know how you shouldn’t talk to cops? Apply the same logic to dealing with HR.

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HR needs to make sure that everyone is following company policy. If your boss is a jerk but follows company policies then don’t make waves. Read the employee manual, know your rights and keep a document trail. There is nothing HR can do for you if you cannot take care of yourself. Several times HR has asked me to leave so that that could have a conversation with my manager. I never heard of the issue again. Edit: hey thanks for the gold!


My HR department saved me from getting fired by my old boss. Now I have his job.


Like every other HR related LPT, this is not universally true or even a majority. HR is there to make sure everyone plays by the same rules. If you’re company has a bad HR department, then it’s a bad company and you should leave, not bitch about the HR.


I think this really depends on the company. At some places HR almost acts like it’s their job to try and destroy the company by any means necessary.