LPT: You should check everywhere on your body every once in awhile to see if you have a new mole or a body mark bigger than an eraser at the top of a pencil.

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Have it looked at by a doctor if you have: Any new mole that appears after age 30 Any mole that is itchy, scaly, flaky or that bleeds Any mole that has a change in color or a variation in color Any mole larger than the diameter of a pencil eraser Any mole with an irregular border Any mole that has changed its appearance


Had melanoma in late teens (Australia/red hair/ mole went bad/unlucky). The rule I was taught after the fact by the dermatologist was the ABCDE rule. ASYMMETRY is bad, irregular BORDER is bad, multiple shades of COLOUR bad, DIAMETER larger than pencil rubber bad, EVOLVING is bad. Was 5/5.


Hahahhahahaaaa. *Laughs in pale* I’ve lost track of how many moles I have. See my derma twice a year


I knew (distantly) of a guy who knew about his very weird mole and actively ignored it. For more than a year. It basically rotted his leg, and yes he died from it. I just don’t understand people who know something is wrong and refuse to see a doctor.