Matt Gaetz Proposes Unconstitutional Law Forcing U.S. Soccer Players to Stand for National Anthem

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This is the same asshole who wore a gasmask in Congress to mock the Corona outbreak. That was 110,000 corpses ago. Fuck this wretch and everyone who thinks like him. Forever.


Jesus Christ, Doesn’t the Republican Party think that the role of government is to protect individuals’ rights and that individuals and society as a whole are better off when the government is involved as little as possible? How is this less involved?


Talk about a punchable face**.**


>“I certainly think that we have the right to compel that our national team stand for the national anthem,” >Gaetz attempted to differentiate his position from the National Football League (NFL) players who are allowed to kneel. >“At least those are private people, working for a private company,” he said–while clarifying that he doesn’t like it when they kneel either. “[They] absolutely have the First Amendment right, to do whatever the heck they want to do, so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.” >**The U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) is also a private organization.** >…the government is prohibited from forcing private employers to compel employees’ speech by the First Amendment. In short, he’s an ignorant fucking moron.


There’s nothing much more satisfying to the GOP and a bunch of forced “patriotism”. This is the same thing as the Taliban making people pray.