“Microsoft can now import your banking activity into Excel”

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Just FYI, you can always download your bank’s transactions as a .CSV. Just drop that into excel and you have the same data.


I’m very excited about this because of the comparable lack of innovation on Mint when it comes to anything other than clever new placement of advertisements. Plus, we all know Mint’s investment tracking is hot garbage, so I do that in Excel anyway. Would love to keep everything in one spot. Granted, I haven’t used this Excel version and some comments I’ve seen mention that the first release leaves a lot to be desired. Still, very excited to see how it evolves over time!


Why is everyone so fucking excited that 3rd party APIs can have access to their data? Are we all just resigned that privacy is dead and we’re not getting it back? I know banks share your transaction history but at least people have to pay for it, this is just giving it away. Fuck it, I’m about to move all my money to stablecoins and use virtual CC#’s for everything.


For the excel savvy users – Just export your transaction history as a csv file. For free. Edit: I feel like there has been some contention about my use of “savvy.” All I mean is that in my experience (As an advanced excel user who teaches others daily) most beginners are unfamiliar with table management, pivot tables, and data sets. But no, you do not have to have a sophisticated set of skills to export a csv file.


This is a phenomenal revelation. For years, I’ve used Mint for my budgeting and spending tracking, but the dearth of new features and little change in functionality has driven me to search for a new solution. It’s nice that I can have a tool that I can tailor to my specific needs.