Millions of abandoned oil wells are leaking methane, a climate menace: That’s the climate-damage equivalent of burning 16.2 million barrels of crude oil, according to an EPA calculation.

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And guess who is left with the bill of cleaning that all up? We, of course.


Makes me wonder if that isn’t true also for all the ocean drilling that’s gone on. If they can’t seal their wells on dry land, it’s easy to imagine it’s twice as bad on the ocean bottom where no one can notice.


“16.2 million barrels of crude oil” is a pretty meaningless metric to most of us. How many vehicle miles is an equivalent? Or how many cattle? How does that compare to common pollutants?


I hope seriously this is /s That many barrels of “oil” and pollution from it is a fraction of what the united states produced just 6 months ago..*IN ONE DAY*… fuck these article titles are shit.


I disagree that they are leaking, that implies its on accident. Some of these are just openly venting or sometimes flaring. Like with permission from the governing agency, often the BLM.