NASA to allow reuse of Crew Dragon spacecraft and boosters –

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To the clueless comments about to flood in “BUT THEY ALREADY DO THAT” This is them allowing reuse of boosters on Crew Dragon missions. The original plan was that only new Dragons and new Boosters would be allowed to carry people. That rule has been amended.


Why dont they use the rescue rockets on the Crew Dragon for a nice smooth touchdown as they do it with the boosters?


Space Shuttle Orbiter Vehicle OV-104 Atlantis still holds the record for a reusable launcher/spacecraft turnaround of just 50 days between STS-51-J and STS-61-B. The Falcon 9 stages are getting there, about 72 days between launches.


OK, allowing reuse of the boosters makes clear sense at this point, but shouldn’t we get a few safely returned capsules back first before making the call on reusing Crew Dragon? I certainly think it *can* be reused, but I don’t think NASA should be making that ruling without thorough testing of at least a couple of returned capsules.


There sure are a lot of experts in these comments who seem to know every detail about how rockets work.