[NASDAQ] While Uber is managing food delivery, Lyft has been consistently gaining market share from Uber. Focusing on autonomous vehicle technology via a partnership with Waymo may end up being the golden ticket for the ridesharing business model, completely eliminating the cost of drivers.

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It seems to me people grossly under estimate how long even modest adoption will take.


Absurd. If your company needs a revolutionary technology to even sniff profitability. You are fucked. Fully self driving cars are not gonna happen for a decade at the earliest. The legal battle itself could be that long. Uber and LYFT are the epitome of the current tech bubble.


At this point It feels like Uber and Lyft are like airline stocks.


I really don’t get the whole ‘getting rid of driver’s costs’ thing. Yeah you do, but you acquire the cost of the car, and maintenance, and the cost of the technology. I don’t know how they make money with this.


Why not just invest in Alphabet if Waymo is the basis to your thesis. You’d be holding for multiple years either way. Might see more stability and ultimately value.