Need low-carb vegetarian recipe and snack ideas

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You could try spaghetti squash to replace pasta or get you a spiralizer to make noodles from other different squashes. You can also replace rice with cauliflower rice. It’s not an exact alternative to rice but you can always prepare it in ways for it to be more tasty. They sell frozen cauliflower rice or you can just use a whole cauliflower and food processor to make your own. You can also mash it up as an alternative to mashed potatoes but I didn’t really care for that. A blender for smoothies is a great way to eat more fruits. You can even add some vegetables to them.


What do you normally eat along with the rice? Try eating more of that and less of the rice. Like, rice fills up a quarter of your plate, the rest of it should be vegetables and proteins. It’s that simple!


Celery and cream cheese Apples and peanut butter


Just boil some Edamame (green Soy beans) in salted water. Had that yesterday evening.


Swap rice for lentils as a side dish.