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i suggest swapping stuff out for eggs, they are cheap and nutricious. A stir fry with cabbage, rice and scrambled eggs. (i like to add siracha and grated carrots to it) Pasta with sauce, broccoli and a boiled egg. A frittata. Quice with left over stuff.


How do you feel about lentils? I used to not enjoy the texture/flavor of beans, but I love soupy lentils.


Sweet potatoes are cheap, nutritious and very filling. You can season them to go with any type of food. You can bake them in the skin and add toppings. But I like to dice them with the skin on, toss with oil and seasonings, and roast in the oven.


I also don’t like beans, but generally eat quite cheap and reasonably nutritious. We do eat a lot of carbs and starch for cheap volume – pasta can be couponed for cheap, plus it’s cheap to begin with, as are rice and potatoes. Most meals have some form of meat that I found for a killer deal, such as drumsticks I got for 39¢/lb last week or other inexpensive cuts. Find out when your store marks down produce and meat, mine is Tuesday morning before the new ad starts on Wednesday, and scour the store. I generally won’t pay more than $2/lb for meat (my ground beef threshold is more like $3.50), and keep our dinners under $2 per serving (shopping and cooking for two). Kroger stores have a noticeable Managers Clearance sticker I hunt for. They also mark down bagged salads, chopped fresh vegetables, and other stuff in the produce section that is getting a little wilty. These surprises usually go into the freezer or find a quick adaptation during the week, since I plan meals before going to the store. The next week’s meal plan will include the scores from last week, and maybe some goods from before that too. Buy things you know you’ll use when they’re cheap and freeze. With the quantity at my store, you could probably survive on markdowns alone and save 50-75%. On that note, download your grocery store’s app – Kroger family are the best – and check out the ads, coupons, and other promotions, trying to combine for the best deals. Especially during the summer, produce sales are a requirement for me. Including a veggie in every meal is important to us so we get whatever is on a good sale and usually supplement with frozen broccoli and cauliflower. (PS roasting broccoli and cauliflower from frozen is a game changer). After looking at the ad I make a quick list of recipes + sides we’re going to have and plan the list on that – don’t neglect the value of not wasting any food. I love to cook and bake from scratch, so making all our bread and bread products like buns, naan etc is also a great cost savings. It is still important to me to eat well (variety, flavor, and nutrition) so this is not as cheap as HUMANLY possible but the same principles apply. Hope that helps. I can share our dinner plan spreadsheet with you if you’d like, just PM me.


You can easily do a soup that had vegetables, beans, rice, and other good stuff in it. Try a chicken tortilla soup recipe for something different. Use brown rice and black beans in that for some nutrition.