Netflix’s billionaire founder is secretly building a luxury retreat for teachers in rural Colorado; Park County hasn’t been able to figure out who is behind the 2,100 acres. We can reveal it’s Reed Hastings.

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Pretty cool. They should have a big gift shop that’s filled with donated school supplies so the teachers can go pick out stuff they need and have it sent straight to their classrooms back home.


> Hastings is one of many Silicon Valley billionaires who have deployed their fortunes in the education reform movement, which calls for a greater focus on testing, tougher accountability for teachers, and the expansion of alternative schools like charters to close America’s achievement gaps and better train its future workforce. We just need *one* billionaire to read and get on board with Paolo Freire and have forest workshops of *Pedagogy of the Oppressed*… but ah, that is not how it works. But yeah, more testing, really? Can’t somebody educate them on education?


This is a bizarre article. This info came out a *long* time ago. A year? Two? Google it, you’ll see.


I honestly thought wow- how cool. Then I read the article. It’s for “Education Reform” which means more “accountability”, and “charter schools” which is code for “fuck public education and the people who actually teach in it”.


Boo charter schools. Fund public schools equally to get rid of “good districts” and “bad districts” and suddenly you’ll have rich people clamoring to find education. Charter schools help rich kids and a handful of smart poor kids and then screws everyone else with underfunded public schools