New Jersey becomes the first state in the U.S. to require schools to teach climate change, the curriculum will be updated to include climate change beginning in September 2021

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I remember learning about climate change and global warming in third or fourth grade in NJ back in the mid 2000s, so this shouldn’t be new to most school districts.


I though Hawaii, Cali. and maybe NY would do it first. But good on you NJ. I didn’t expect you to be the first but I am glad it is you.


This headline is misleading. Many states teach some aspect of climate change. NJ is the first state to require it in ALL grades K-12.


Damn. That’s actually one of the most alarming bits of news I’ve seen in a while: that ZERO states in the USA have been teaching kids about climate change up to now? Damn! My poor rural elementary school in Tennessee back in the 1960s was more on the ball than that!


Why not just teach environmental science rather than focus on a specific topic of it?