Odd that Christians who believe in original sin can think that “I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for being white” is an appropriate response to the BLM movement.

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Odd that you assume they “think”


White people shouldn’t feel *guilty* for being white – that’s not what anyone wants to my knowledge. Although, if empathy and a equality are too hard, I guess guilt works too if that’s what it takes to get some reforms. You’re not wrong though, slavery, Jim Crow, and modern racism are all more recent ancestral sins for white people to be tainted by, if one accepts the premise that we are tainted by Adam and Eve’s Original Sin.


> They think that it’s ok to be condemned for Adam and Eve’s sin Someone steals an apple and a million years later, we are still paying for this? Think about it. What parent doesn’t eventually forgive his child?


Interesting observation


Because as with the majority of “devout” people you’ll converse with in life one soon finds they practice the parts that suit whatever they already believe, but not so much the other bits.