Oklahoma church interns come forward about terrible internship treatment. They are citing terrible living conditions, sexual harassment, and mental abuse committed by the church in the name of god.

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When I was a kid, we called terrible living conditions, sexual harassment and mental abuse church camp. 🤷🏻‍♂️


THIS IS IT PEOPLE Everyone please, this is me entire life story. I’ve been there since I was a baby, went to the private school set up there for a few years, every summer entirely spent at the Youth America summer camp as a camper and volunteering attended the Leadership Ministry Internship known as NGI and then its first year transitioning into Youth America College. I interacted with the staff deeply and was very well known throughout our multiple campuses. My family is so deeply rooted there I don’t know any other reality except the one painted at Harvest. I was no stranger to the “dishing of secrets” with members. I never fell into the celebrity praise mindset surrounding the pastors there because I had known them for so long I just largely ignored them. I can testify to every single allegation, there are so many stories that even if I wasn’t personally involved, I could see from a distance, I knew the character of most everyone involved and it always played out in the same pattern. They’re saying a lot of these stories are not true, and a lot of them are coming from emotional places that nobody can really say except the people affected, but the mental and verbal abuse was rampant, undeniably. I stood right alongside a lot of these interns/college students who were sexually abused and watched as leadership would send them away and tell us it was all “handled in a biblical fashion” These people are in pain. I was in a cult my entire life, if my credibility is in question, who can possibly speak on these issues? I obviously didn’t know every single thing that occurred, but a lot of what I did see I remained silent about because I was so convinced it was my God-given-duty. This is such an incredibly painful and confusing time as I sort between the truly positive experiences and the horrible things I saw. Overworked beyond belief, I was easily pushing 80 hours a week on an easy week, and I’m built a little bit more for it than some others, but we were so misled and I bought every thing they told me. I will respond to every single question or personal message anyone has with as much transparency as I can. I will send you the Facebook thread with ~5k comments filled with testimonies and you can judge for yourself. But the senior pastor and his son are monsters to me now. I went to the service yesterday where they made vague statements and no admittance of wrongdoing (I get it, they have a legal team advising them), but they’ve said that some of the stories have truth to them. IF ANY OF THESE STORIES ARE TRUE, THAT SHOULD BE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! I’m so emotional but my cousin/best friend started this Facebook thread that’s led to the movement and I’m sitting right next to him right now. I can’t beg y’all enough, please help us shut this down. Some people are asking for their tuition back, I doubt that’ll happen, and I really believe if the church shuts down all these people will still feel this pain. The only thing we have to gain here is ensuring Church of the Harvest never does this to anyone else ever again. I dedicated my life to this place and its mission and I failed by not speaking out and being so naive. Please, if nothing else, avoid the Pankratz family until the day they die. I’m begging of everyone to look more into this. Classic manipulation, I took part in it and I’m not perfect, in fact I’ve even been guilty of some of the verbal abuse of the college students I led during my year at the college as it transitioned. I knew ALL OF THIS AND KEPT SILENT. My whole identity feels like a lie. I haven’t officially left the church, I’ve stayed years after the rest of my family is gone. I’m disgusted with what I saw at their service yesterday as I sat alone on the front row as close to the speaker on the stage as possible in an auditorium with 400 seats but yesterday only had ~30 members after most of our congregation has left amidst this. I bawled my eyes out as the people I had looked to for my spiritual leadership stood there and ignored me and denied it. I gilded this myself simply so it could catch your eye. I will never stop fighting to ensure they never do this to anyone ever again.


Seems like they took their bible literally. Hopefully, they can get out before the priest comes to check on them.


The Bible says they can do it, Jesus died for all our sins… Do what you want, Jesus and God Almighty are the only ones that count for eternal life. Simple as that. Get rid of Christianity, that stupid book called the Bible and we may see much more civility and morality in the world. That goes for the Quran as well. Religion is the root of all the evil…


Church of the Harvest is a creepy ass name. What exactly are they harvesting? It reminds me of Children of the Corn.