Omg cottage cheese and strawberries

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Cottage cheese and sriracha is so good I could eat a whole container. also cottage cheese and parm. And cottage cheese with salt and pepper. Or just plain cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese is what I’m saying especially when it’s runny


You can whip cottage cheese (not into a full whipped cream) but turn it into a lighter fluffier creamy topping and treat it like a cream.


And with pineapple!


Cottage cheese is a staple for me, usually with some kind of berries. I’ll also use pineapple or avocado.


Yeah idk where cottage cheese was my while life. I’ve eaten it pretty much every day for the past 2 months since I discovered it. Literally just delicious, low calorie protein that can be flavored with anything. I’ve had chocolate powder, PBfit, pumpkin pie, peaches, berries. Endless. I even added straight protein powder a few days ago since I totally missed my macros.