On the highway, the guy who whizzes past you is a dickhead, the guy who drives slower than you is a jerk, but the biggest annoyance is the guy that drives at the same speed and stays in your peripheral vision for while… weirdo!

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The biggest asshole is the one who was going 60 in a 65 until you passed him, then he speeds up to 80 to get passed you, only to then slow back down to 60 again. WTF. IS UP. WITH THAT.


And the worst of them all is the suicidal murdering asshole who drives at the same speed as you IN YOUR BLIND SPOT!


I especially hate the tailgaters. Yes, I know you want to show off those flashing lights on the roof of your car but just pass me already!


No the two assholes that drive the same speed side by side foreeeevvvverrrrr!!!


Nope, those are road trip bros.