Once a certain donkey driver turned to Khoja Nasreddin: “Oh, wise one, explain one thing to me, otherwise I will lose my mind.”

– I was given ten donkeys to drive to another city, and I hit the road. Before the road, I counted them, there were 10. I sat on a donkey and we drove off. On the way, I decided to count the donkeys again, and, to my horror, there were nine of them. Then I decided to make a halt, dismounted, and again counted my flock, there were ten again! With relief I set off again, but when I decided to count the donkeys again, there were nine again! And so every time and all the way, there are always 9 on their way, and on a halt 10. Take a look yourself, O Nasruddin, and tell me how many donkeys you see here? – Eleven.

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Nice joke but I think his name is Nasruddin Hodja


Is this some kind of pun in a language where “donkey”=”dummy”? If so, works for me. I didn’t laugh but it’s a good joke for native speakers Edit: I have learned it’s British English. See below


He never counted the donkey he sat on?


This cracked me up thanks


I think this would be an appropriate time to use “ass” instead of “donkey.”