Outrage over police brutality has finally convinced Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM to rule out selling facial recognition tech to law enforcement.

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Let’s be real. As soon as the public eye moves on, sale will be back on. You can trust huge companies to make money any way they can get away with.


But they will all “sell” it to newly formed opaque corporations that will rebrand the tech and sell it to law enforcement…


Instead they are going to rent out the private police force they form that has access to these technologies


This is all virtue signaling by these companies. In a few months, after all this has blown over, business will return to normal. It’s just a smoke screen to make the gullible *think* something is being done.


Seems like a nice bit of posturing. Facial recognition tech isn’t exactly cutting edge stuff. Every university I’ve been to has run excellent facial recognition experiments and startups in the area aren’t rare either. Hell, I’ve had advertisers try to sell me video billboards will built in camera’s that can detect age, sex and ethnicity with a very high degree of accuracy to tailor the ads on the billboard to whoever is looking at it. You don’t need the tech giants for this kind of thing. And they know they’ll make their money on servers and comp power no matter who sells the software.