Poland is a terrible place full of religious hypocrites.

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Some places are worse that others, but pretty much the entire world, no matter where you go, is full of religious hypocrites.


Yep. Poland is very intolerant country, especially towards LGBTQ. When we have our dumbass president making an official statement about “protecting traditional marriage” where he basically states that he’ll make sure gay marriage will not be legal, you have to start wondering if having a good old-fashioned uprising to put his head on a spike isn’t such a bad idea…


Take care my friend, remember that not all Poles are like that. It seems to me that the majority is tolerant (even some orthodox Catholics), but their voice cannot be heard in public space. Warm regards from Eastern Poland.


Poland is not as bad a some places, but yes, it does seem that Poland looks very bad compared to the rest of Europe on these issues. This nasty Catholic hijacking of regressive nationalism seems problematic.


Hypocrisy and religion go hand and hand. Might as well be the same thing. You cant do anything without infringing on their religion but they can do whatever heinous shit they want to infringe on your rights.