Police in England and Wales dropping rape inquiries when victims refuse to hand in phones

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For some context: British courts were refusing defence teams access to phones that they said had evidence on them that proved their clients innocence. The courts reopened some cases and 47 convicted people were exonerated on the evidence found.


What the hell is happening with this comment section


This can strengthen or weaken a case depending, which is good because it makes justice more quick and accurate. Cell phone also comes with geo data for time and place which can also link to the perpetrators. I don’t think privacy concerns are more important than accurately and quickly figuring out a very serious felony. It will tend to lead to faster apprehension and conviction, which also protects future potential victims. Police have to obey privacy rules anyway, there are in most jurisdictions things you can do when the violate them, and there are often rules specifically around rape victims.


How is this onion like? Isnt that a common sense? If you accuse someone of very serious crime with very serious consequences and you deny to handle evidence, what are they supposed to do? Put him in jail without evidence? I understand that this is very sensitive, but we are talking about very serious accusations.


What’s this doing here? How’s this even onion-like? It’s a perfectly normal decision.