Quitting job without having another lined up – how illogical would this be?

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Before quitting, I’d ask your current employer for better working conditions, an assistant, overtime pay, better staffing levels .. not sure what would help but just some thoughts. You never know. When someone holds it all together your employer could think that all is well. Let it bust or complain. You’d have nothing to lose.


How about take a demotion to tech?


Is your supervisor aware you’re going through this? A frank conversation with him/her might help give you some relief from the excess stress and pressure. And if that doesn’t go well, it feels like the clearest possible indicator that you need to exit that situation immediately. Are you getting paid for those extra 2 hours of work per day? If not, then stop doing it. Do not work for free. You do not owe that to anyone, period. Your health is the most important thing. If you can’t be mentally and physically healthy doing this job, you need to find something different as soon as possible. Your job is not your life.


The fact you ask this question tells me you are a pretty intelligent person and plan for the future. If I was you I would go with option 3 under the assumption you get along with your family enough. As long as you fully stick to that plan and not give up I have no doubt it would be better for you in the long run. Nothing comes before your mental health and well being imo.


How many months of expenses do you have saved? I’d consider some hybrid of 1 and 3.