Republican operatives launch new group supporting Biden

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So Biden republicans will be the new Reagan Democrats?


Do people not remember how he was basically an outcast among republicans when he got elected? He was going back and forth on Twitter with his own party for months. Insulting their favorite war hero was a huge turning point for a bunch of them. Eventually the house and senate finally just gave in to the fact that he was their only shot at getting any legislature through.


Normally I wouldn’t expect this to work, but as a moderate American voter myself, this is the first time that “literally anything but the other guy” has been the only thing guiding my vote.


Now you’re gonna have some dishonest people saying “oh yes because Biden is republican blah blah” Yes his policy is less progressive than Bernie. No it’s still nowhere near republican policy especially with more recent policy promises. He’s just a easy choice between trump and Biden. Removed the mango menace


You mean the Democratic National Committee?