Self Made Man (2006) – Woman lives 18 months as a man and discusses her experience as a man vs a woman and ends up checking into a mental hospital with severe depression [00:18:42]

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From Wikipedia: > Vincent asserts that, since the experiment, she has gained more sympathy for the male condition, stating, “Men are suffering. They have different problems than women have but they don’t have it better. “


I thought it was interesting how the bowling friend opened up to her more when he found out she’s a woman. I’m also a lesbian and tend to be put in a sort of therapist position for my male friends. My impression of men is they don’t open up to eachother at all and usually their girlfriend/wife is the one they open up to. When there’s a problem in their relationship they have no one to talk to about tough situations. A platonic female friend (usually lesbian friend or sister) is approachable and will show more empathy. I think it’s too bad though because there are some thing I just can’t relate to and should come from a male friend. Edit: obligatory thank you for the gold!


Being a middle-aged, balding, slightly overweight, single white male for me is a horrible existence. People think I’m either gay (which I’m not), a pedophile (which I’m not), an ex-con (which I’m not) or a Republican (which I’m not). Just because I was never lucky with love or relationships, live by myself and dont have a lot of friends or visitors, I know exactly what the rest of the neighborhood thinks of me and it sucks. At least I know there are thousands of frustrated men just like me. Society puts a label on people. Such is life.


Watching this documentary actually kinda frustrated me because she is one of the few people that are actually in a position to talk about the differences between the male and female experience and differences in our sexuality, yet her insights are so far from the consensus that we as a society have settled on. The title on this video (which I’m sure is not the original title) says she ended up choosing female privilege over male privilege and that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think they get that from the last words that are spoken in it: “Did you like being a woman before Ned? I did, but I like it more now because I feel like it’s more of a privilege”. It seems like they were using privilege in a different way than we commonly use it in contexts like these. Edit: I’m going to read all of the comments on this post but there are 400+ so it’s gonna take a bit. This generated a lot of great discussion though.


It was interesting to see that after one of her guy had realised that she was actually a woman, he immediately opened up and discussed his problems such as his wife having cancer. Shows that men don’t like to rely on other men for emotional support. I think us men get too uncomfortable about hearing about other men’s problems and we just don’t know how to react. This was 14 years ago and I hope that we have gotten better at supporting each other emotionally especially after all this awareness on men’s mental health.