Shopify partnering with Walmart to rival with Amazon

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A lot of people saying Shopify is already overvalued, however I feel they still have a lot of room to grow. As a person who’s run an e-commerce store before I can definitely say that they are miles ahead of any e-commerce platform solution on the market rn. They are also heavily investing to build their own logistic channels and payment gateway systems. Just wondering why ppl think Shopify is overvalued as it is.


Walmart’s website is Doo Doo


Walmart already swallowed Jet and as far as I know barely anything changed, any reason why this could be better?


Wouldn’t it direct people away from walmart products? I mean the margins are so low for amazon it is not really that great a business. I think Shopify wants to get bigger faster and walmart wants to look like they can compete with amazon?


There may be ups and downs in the near and medium term, but I view Shopify as a visionary company with a large addressable market, intuitive & customer-centric interface, and appreciate that it remains founder-led. I’ve been invested in SHOP since $32 and have zero desire to sell – note that I have a long time horizon, however.