Should we much more aggressively moderate posts about current affairs and climate change on r/futurology?

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Yes, please, for the love of all that is holy. Everyone I know who likes this sub likes it for the cool tech possibilities and somewhat-optimistic look at what the future holds, but it’s now constantly dominated by “Scientists Agree Global Warming Is Bad” and “UBI Would Be Pretty Sweet, Right?”. Beyond just being off-putting, I also think it leads to a degradation of the quality of the discussion. Every post about future technology is now just 80%, “Yeah, but what’s it matter cause we’ll all be DEAD FROM CLIMATE CHANGE” and “Cool but we all know the rich will never allow it to happen!!1111!!”. Focusing on these topics appeals to a lot of Climate and Economics Doomers, who are vastly overrepresented on the internet and it makes it increasingly impossible to have a decent conversation around here.


Yes please! When I joined reddit, this sub used to be my favorite, thinking about possibilities, seeing the future, and how it will affect us. How we will wander the stars, live forever, evolve as humans, sci-fi becoming reality. Open questions and people answering. Nowadays it feels like it’s become more of a political sub, due to the amount of climate change news and anything regarding ubi, among other things. This started probably when the sub became a default one. I’m just a lurker, and the community is good as it is right now, but would love the old futurology sub back. The old sub is still here, but much more dispersed.


What about the *constant* barrage of UBI posts?


Just please, please remove threads that are not future focus. Not everything happening next week fits here. Some posters need to read the subreddit’s paragraph on the right.


In my opinion, I just think there are WAY too many posts about climate change. Its gotten to the point where there is just hardly anything new being posted besides the apocalyptic event that is the climate. That drop in subscribers isn’t at all surprising.