Silk Coating on Food Extends Shelf-life of Products. A recent discovery by MIT scientists shows that using silk as food coating significantly extends the shelf-life of all sorts of perishable goods. The groundbreaking technology offers broad impact on prolonging the shelf life of food.

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I found some worms in a box of cereal a while back, didn’t realize they were working for General Mills…


silk is extremely water and growth area expensive and cant be reliably recycled into more silk. ​ this is nice and all, but its not viable enmasse until synthetic silk can be made.


Find me something that protects against fruit flies. One bad onion from Aldi is enough to bring a swarm home. I hate those things so much.


It also causes my fking avocados and Mangos to never ripen. Had them for 1 1/2 months, still the same. Looks great in the store but you can only use them as decoration, they’re uneatable.


Do you want spidermen? Cuz that’s how you get spidermen.